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Generals, Αdmirals, Air Marshals,
Distinguished members of the Military Medical Community,
Dear colleagues,

I am Rear Admiral Antonios Papageorgiou HN and in my capacity as Surgeon General of the Hellenic Armed Forces I would like to invite you to the 6th Pan European Congress on Military Medicine which is going to be held in Athens from 16th to 19th April 2024.

COVID-19 pandemic already postponed twice the aforementioned Congress but now the Military Medical community has the opportunity to gather together in order to exchange knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of Medical science.

ICMM, from its establishment back to 1921 till now acts as the ideal platform for cooperation and collaboration between the participating countries. As a multinational initiative, aims not only to enrich scientific and training activities of the participating nations’ Military Medical Services but furthermore to strengthen the relations and communication between the military medical personnel of our countries.

Through ICMM channel, the military health communities wherever the world, are given the opportunity to strengthen their relations and exchange knowledge and experiences in a joint effort to promote and develop the Military Health Services of our countries.

The 6th Pan European Congress on Military Medicine is an important link in the chain of cooperation between our countries in the military health sector and which we hope will be enriched and further strengthened.

Athens, birthplace of democracy, philosophy and science will host the 6th Pan European Congress on Military Medicine logging for the most fruitful outcome.

Apart from scientific debates the participants will have the opportunity to discover the Athenian antiquities such as Acropolis with the temple of Parthenon, feel the warmth of Greek hospitality and enjoy the soft and pleasant weather during the Greek spring.

I am fully convinced that the 6th Pan European Congress on Military Medicine will not only meet but far exceed the qualitative expectations and standards of ICMM, giving the opportunity to military Medical personnel to increase and broad its academic and operational knowledge through scientifically sound round tables, workshops and lectures.

With these thoughts and the true belief that ICMM will continue to assist our countries in terms of ensuring the health of our soldiers, I'm looking forward to meeting you all in Athens in April 2024 where the 6th Pan European Congress on Military Medicine will definitely serve in the most appropriate and fruitful way in exchanging ideas and practical experience in the military medical operational field.